Universal life insurance

Combine the protection of life insurance with the growth potential of tax-advantaged investing. If you seek lifetime insurance coverage and tax-advantaged investing with long-term growth potential, consider universal life insurance. Flexibility and customizable options make universal life insurance a smart choice if you want to build towards your future while helping to ensure that your loved ones are well-protected.

An all-in-one way to protect and build your money, Universal Life insurance is one solution that combines 2 important aspects of financial planning:

  • Permanent insurance protection for lifelong peace of mind
  • Investment account options that can grow your savings, tax-deferred

How does it work?

You choose a guaranteed death benefit amount that will be paid to your beneficiaries when you die.  Your payments are deposited to a "policy fund".  Any money you deposit over and above what is required for the cost of the insurance can either be: placed into investment accounts to grow-deferred, or used to increase the value of your death benefit

Who is it for?

We find that universal life insurance is a popular choice for: 

  • People who have maximized their RRSP contributions
  • Parents and grandparents who want to maximize their estate for their children and grandchildren
  • Business owners looking for a tax-efficient way to protect the value of their business