With GoBenefits personal health  plans have competitive rates and flexible coverage choices to meet your needs.

We offer customizable solutions. You can now mix and match your program to suit your needs.

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Health insurance

Of all the things you make a priority, shouldn’t your health come first? Many people don’t think about access to affordable health care until they are faced with an illness or injury. The best time to consider health insurance is when you are still healthy - to ensure you have affordable health care if and when you and your family need it.

There are many reasons to purchase a personal health plan from GoBenefits

  • This is what we do.  We are constantly researching what is available so that we can remain competitive and relevant.
  • Prescription drugs can be expensive. If you become ill without health coverage, the cost of your treatment could eat up your savings.
  • Everyday health care expenses add up quickly. Your plan could almost pay for itself on everyday costs alone (and your premiums may be tax deductible).
  • With some  plan, there are no lifetime maximums on drug benefits and you never have to pay more than $50 per prescription. Your coverage increases to 100% after $4,500 per year*.
  • The plan belongs to you, not an employer group. Your plan will remain in effect as long as you continue to pay the premiums.
  • With a GoBenefits plan, your children’s future insurability is protected by plan conversion privileges for dependents.
  • You can insure yourself for tomorrow based on your health today. Find out how with Assured Access.

*With Blue Cross coverage.  Other carriers have different maximums.

Health insurance programs are designed to help you manage the additional financial cost incurred above and beyond your provincial Medicare program. Health Insurance is often referred to as living benefits.

There are 4 types of health insurance: