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I have group health benefits coverage. Why do I need Assured Access? 

Group health benefits could be lost from career change, employment cutbacks, business closure or retirement. Assured Access provides access to a personal health plan in the event you no longer qualify for group benefits. Your present health status protects your future insurability.

Can Assured Access protect other members of my family? 

When purchasing Assured Access, you may choose single, couple or family coverage. Under most group benefit plans, children are no longer eligible for benefits once they reach age 21. Some plans cover children up to age 25, if they are attending a post-secondary institution full time. With Assured Access, dependent children covered under your plan would be eligible for personal health plan coverage when they are no longer eligible under a group plan. If your child develops a medical condition after enrolling in Assured Access upon loss of group health benefits, your child would have access to coverage of eligible benefits through a personal health plan.

What are my future health plan options should I lose group health benefits coverage? 

Go Benefits offers two personal health plans for Atlantic Canadians: Options and Options Plus. If you are covered under an Assured Access policy, you are entitled to benefits available under the principal benefits and drug modules of the Options Plus personal health plan. If you are not covered under Assured Access and you lose your group health benefits, you can apply for a personal health plan. Qualification for a  Options or Options Plus personal health plan is subject to qualifying through medical underwriting. Individuals leaving a group plan are also eligible for a conversion personal health plan within 30 days of loss of group benefits. There are no medical underwriting requirements, but rates are significantly higher, which is why you should consider Assured Access.

Frequently asked questions:

About Assured Access

 As we age our health often deteriorates, making it difficult to be approved for the health care coverage we may need later in live. Assured Access protects your eligibility for health benefits. Once you qualify medically for this plan, you don’t have to qualify again for health coverage if you lose your group health benefits. Assured Access allows you and your family to move into the Options Plus plan, which has extensive drug, hospital, travel and health benefits.

To qualify:

  • You must be 64 or under;
  • You must be enrolled in a group health benefits* plan for the past 12 consecutive months

Additional Features:

A $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit for each participant covered under your plan. (This benefit ends at age 65).

Dependents who are no longer eligible for group health benefits can also enrol in their own personal health plan without requiring additional medical underwriting.

* Group Health Benefits – an employer sponsored health benefit plan consisting of three or more employees.

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