The most common factors in determining a group carrier are:
  • Cost
  • Ease of Administration – does the carrier offer on-line administration?
  • Ease of Claims for employees – does the carrier offer on-line claims?
  • Ease of contact with carrier

About GoBenefits

Go Benefits has been helping employers develop cost effective health & savings plans for their employees since 1998. Many employers have indicated higher employee retention as a result of offering an employee benefits program. Engaging Go Benefits as your consultant provides you with a single contact with all group insurers. A common misconception is that using many advisors will get you lower rates. Rates are determined by the plan design and demographics of the group. Go Benefits takes a consultative approach to plan design. We first meet with the employer to help determine which benefits and deductibles best meet the organizations needs. Once we have determined the plan design, Go Benefits takes your request to all insurers on your behalf. Our clients have indicated this step, in itself, has saved them countless meeting hours. When all quotes have been received by Go Benefits a thorough analysis and a side by side comparison is completed and an executive summary is prepared for the employers review.